If you would like to take part by running there are three options:

1. Solo participant
This will cost £45 and can be entered using the following link...

2. 2 leg relay
To split the event in to a 2 leg run then this will cost £44.50 each

3. 4 leg relay
To split the event in to a 4 leg run then this will cost £24.75 each)

For options 2 and 3 then please contact Kathryn Willet at Bolton Hospice for more details on 01204 663065 or email communityfundraiser@boltonhospice.org

Sign up deadline 29th Nov

What is the route?

Here is the official route map...


If I'm running the relay, how do I get to and from my section?

The Manchester marathon organisers have provided jogging maps to the nearest tram stop so that relay runners can use them to make their way back to the start point or the Athletes Village at the end of their relay leg. Maps can be found on their website at https://www.manchestermarathon.co.uk/route/relay-return-info/

If I'm running the relay, how are the splits divided?

The relay leg splits may not be evenly split between runners. Please see below for the 2019 relay legs:
2 – Leg
Runner A Run split = 10.91 miles (11 mile)
Runner B Run split = 15.3 miles (15 mile)

4 – Leg

Runner A Run split = 5.33 miles
Runner B Run split = 5.58 miles – finishes around 11mile point
Runner C Run split = 8.35 miles – finishes around 19mile point
Runner D Run split = 6.95 miles – to the finish line