We will be holding a club championship for the 23/24 affiliation year with prizes for the top 3 male and top 3 female finishers awarded at our end of year party next April 2024! We will also have a prize for the most improved runner, comparing finishing times from Peel Parkrun in April 23 with finishing times in March 24.

For each of the events listed below the top 30 finishers will be awarded points descending from 50 ie. 50 points for first place, 49 points for second place, 48 points for third place etc. If there are more than 30 people taking part everyone else will be given 20 points for participating.
During these difficult times we have tried to make the championship as cheap and accessible as possible! It’s also not necessarily the fastest runners that will win. The more events you take part in, the more points you will gain!

To take part simply fill in your name and email address using the google form link to be added to the spreadsheet - https://forms.gle/ZjDw3MG8Vd7CZjpz9

April – 22/04/23, 9am – Peel Parkrun

May - Most Miles

June – 11/06/23, 11am - Edgworth 10km www.runbritain.com/races?keyword=edgworth

July – 10/07/23, 7pm – Guess the time challenge

August – Most laps of the Jumbles

September – 09/09/23, 9am - Heaton Parkrun

October – Most consecutive days

November – 19/11/23 (provisional) - NBR 5km event

December – 10/12/23, 10.30am - NBR Festive Fun Run

January – 13/01/24, 9am Stretford Parkrun

February – 11/02/24, 9.30am Holcombe hill challenge

March – 09/03/24 – Peel Parkrun